Breeding stock delivery

Foundation stock delivery, stock replacement by one day old rabbits and artificial insemination

Foundation stock delivery

- your needs: 10 weeks old does, does ready for insemination, inseminated does...

- the genetic level required: GGP, GP or Parental

  • Technical and health programs for the start of your breeding farm.
  • Foundation stock delivered by specifical built vehicles or air transportation.
  • A technical follow up ensured by our technicians.

photo camions hycole photo camions hycole  DSCN4358 DSCN4358  








Caisse transport lapin Caisse transport lapin  © SARL HYCOLE












Lapereaux 1 jour Lapereaux 1 jour  © SARL HYCOLEStock replacement by one day old rabbits

  • Stock replacement by one day old rabbits for GGP, GP and Parental doses.
  • Delivery according to an annual schedule to ensure regular renewal.
  • Animals delivered by express transport or air transportation. 


Artificial insemination

  • The artificial insemination centre IA Lapin IA Lapin  © SARL HYCOLEHYCOLE CIA and approved dealers in Europe supply semen of HYCOLE genetics: GPC male and parental males (White, Mixte or Coloured).
  • Semen can be packed in bulk or straws, with or without inseminations made by our teams.
  • Recognised for its rigour and expertise, our team provide technical services for reproduction management.