The artificial insemination centre HYCOLE CIA distributes the genetics HYCOLE throughout the French territory and offers a range of services.

Labo IA Labo IA  © SARL HYCOLE The best males of each line are selected during the various sanitary and genetic sortings. They are put into production  in the artificial insemination centre HYCOLE CIA or in one of our partner centres in France and Europe.

 IA Lapin IA Lapin  © SARL HYCOLE

The AI centres can provide you the whole of genetics HYCOLE: GP male, white or coloured parental males.


Our centre HYCOLE CIA can provide our genetics on the whole French territory under different packagings (bulk or straws) and offers a range of services adapted to your needs.


Our distribution network distributes semen of genetics HYCOLE all over Europe. You can contact us for their details.