HYCOLE is renowned for its expertise and its know-how in the field of health and genetic management.

Health know-how

The health quality of marketed reproducers is a priority for the company. Therefor, our farms are executed in protected areas under strict health monitoring and rigorous controls of the animals. Since forever, the selection and multiplication farms are managed in single group with all in/all out.


All the marketed animals are individually controlled by the staff HYCOLE.

Genetic know-how

The different genetics lines are selected using the BLUP animal model method, the reference method in animal breeding.


The breeding scheme HYCOLE has developed a large base of selection through its stations in France and Hungary, as well as its network of farms of multiplication. To date, more than 250 000 animals are indexed to the various lines.


HYCOLE set up and developed specific tools to optimize the selection and breeding of meat rabbits.


The company constantly invests in the research in new objectives of breeding and new techniques for selecting meat rabbits. HYCOLE develops its selection programs in collaboration with INRA (French National Institute for Agricultural Research).